We offer swim sessions for both novices and more experienced swimmers. The pool swims are currently all based at Chesham Moor Gym and Swim, which is a fantastic heated open air pool. The water is warm enough to swim all year round, but wetsuits are optional in the winter.

We offer the following swim sessions:

  • Beginner swim courses (6 weeks)
  • Swim sessions for intermediates and advanced swimmers
  • Open water Sessions
  • 1-1 sessions

Most of the  based at Chesham Moor Gym and Swim in Chesham which is a stunning Open Air pool, which is heated all year round. The pool uses Ionisation and Solar Power to ensure that it is environmentally friendly and almost Chemical Free. The facilities are accessible to all.

The Sessions  are limited in size  to ensure that there is no overcrowding and so that everyone gets a quality workout regardless of your speed! To attend a session, you will need to book via the link below.

Please contact if you have any questions.