1-2-1 sessions can be used for learning to swim, learning a new stroke or for correcting and improving an existing stroke. Whether you are a complete beginner or looking to improve on your personal best, we can design the session to suit you. We offer two different types of 1-2-1 swimming sessions for adults to suit the needs of the participant. Each session is unique to the individual and their goals.

Option 1: 1-2-1 sessions at A private venue in Prestwood

swim analaysis

We use a private pool in prestwood for our video analysis sessions and 1-2-1 sessions. The pool is exclusive to the participant for the session. The video analysis sessions can only take place here and are suitable for any swimmers who would like to improve their technique or go faster/longer for less effort. 1-2-1 sessions where the participant would like the whole pool to themselves can also take place here without the video analysis.

Sessions are 60 minutes long and include video analysis and stroke correction which will be sent to you to work on in your own time or in your club sessions. The price for these sessions are £85. Sessions are available on Tuesday’s 11.00-12:00, Wednesday’s 9:45-10:45 and Thursday’s 10.00-12.00

Option 2: 1-2-1 Sessions at Chesham Open Air Pool


The Open Air Pool in Chesham which is heated all year round and has a lot less chlorine than many other pools as ionisation is used to clean it. The sessions take place in a dedicated 25m lane and can be done all through the year so offer a fantastic opportunity to improve your stroke in a wetsuit (not compulsory)!

These sessions can be 30 minutes or 60 minutes and are ideal for those who want to improve stroke technique, confidence or speed.

60 minute sessions cost £54 per session or £250 for 5 sessions. 30 minute sessions cost £30 per session or £135. Sessions are available at the following times:

7.15-7.45pm Thursday
8.30-9.30am Wednesday
12.30-1.30pm Wednesday
6.30-7.30pm Wednesday

Terms and Conditions

All 1-2-1 sessions must be paid 48 hours in advance of the session. If payment has not been received the Session will be cancelled. If a 1-2-1 session is cancelled 24 hours before the session, the participant can have a refund or use the payment for the next session of the same type. If a session is cancelled less than 24 hours before the session. No refunds or transfers can be given.

If you would like to book a 1-2-1 session, please get in touch: